The Great Reset & The Georgia Guidestones

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3 years ago

Tonight’s video is about the Georgia Guidestones and The Great Reset – and I chose to correlate the two because I was trying to find an entertaining way to do this topic instead of just reading through the World Economic Forum’s website, but it doesn’t mean the information is false.

Who knows precisely how long this plan has been in the works, but after researching it, I get the feeling that they have been planning this at the very least for decades. Is it merely a coincidence that it is very similar to the Georgia Guidestone’s? Maybe but despite that…this is far from a conspiracy theory. They are openly talking about, websites are dedicated to it, and we have political establishment figures in the United States who are supporting it.

You should look into it for yourself because this plan is currently moving forward, and it will impact all of our lives if completed.

I will always promote doing your own research because, as it sounds fantastical and even crazy, this is the push, this is the future they are planning, and based on what they themselves say…our futures will be tied to transhumanism, a world government, mass surveillance and mass censorship.

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