La Frontera - Taylor 12 String Improvisation

Published November 21, 2020 412 Views

Rumble Here is an improvisation on my Taylor 12 string using the piezo dot pickups. I have never actually tried using this built in pickup before so this was just quick recording test to see if I could get a somewhat good acoustic sound out of them. There was a bit of EQ tweeking required to get rid of the piezo quack but surprisingly the dot pickups sound way more natural than an under saddle piezo. To better hide the piezo sound I ran it through a simple acoustic amp/reverb setup on my axe fx II.

Once the guitar was recorded I played around in Superior drummer with a few different looped beats I programmed. I have a stomp drum sound loop and some electronic loops to help with the rhythm of the song.

Overall the mood of the song reminds me of a rancher near the border trying to keep his cattle from straying over to the other side where they will be lost forever. Thanks for listening :-)