Video PROOF of Pre-Planned PREVENTION of ballot observations. Complete 100% Fraud

Published November 21, 2020 53 Views

Rumble DetroitLeaks Part 2 shows how Democrats obscured their protocol to deliberately disenfranchise poll challengers on election day.”
“This is the video that Gretchen Whitmer, Dana Nessel, and Jocelyn Benson don’t want you to see.”- Shane Trejo.

Trejo’s video should help future lawsuits from GOP poll challengers whose legal right to view absentee ballots and poll books by Wayne County election workers and roaming agitators was clearly violated.

“I am seeing a terror campaign to silence whistleblowers who saw voter fraud. Thousands of whistleblowers who saw the steal must not end up like Snowden and Assange. It’s so important to fight back against unconstitutional overreach,” Trejo told The Gateway Pundit.