Michelle Malkin ~ The Liberty Forum ~ 2-11-2020

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Rumble Michelle Malkin

Open Borders, Inc.: Who Is Funding America's Destruction?

Until recently, a national consensus held that America should be in control of its border, and that the laws on the books should be applied fairly and dispassionately to determine who can enter the United States.

No more.

The modern Democratic Party seems to be all-in for open borders, and, until President Trump's insurgent candidacy of 2016 shocked the political world, Republicans were at best tepid in their defense of our borders.

​No country can survive if it doesn't control its own borders. This used to be considered common sense. But now, if you oppose open borders, you will surely be accused of racism if not worse.

​This change didn't happen in a vacuum. Powerful interests with substantial resources (and a penchant for secrecy) helped usher in a new age and new attitudes about immigration.

Conservative super-star Michelle Malkin visited the Liberty Forum on Tuesday, Feb 11, 2020 to expose these shadowy actors and reveal who is funding America's destruction.