James Lileks ~ The Liberty Forum ~ 1-14-2020

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Rumble James Lileks

The Midwest vs Coastal Elites: A Family Squabble - Or Civil War?

If you ever feel like the United States is splitting into two countries, you aren’t alone. Attitudes in the “Blue” states along the coasts and the “Red” states in the heartland are diverging. It’s as though we can’t even agree on basic facts any more. And the folks who call themselves “tolerant” seem to get less tolerant of disagreement every day.

Puzzled? Frustrated? Aggravated? Join the club! (Literally - we’re always looking for new members!) Nationally-syndicated pundit, best-selling author, columnist, podcaster, and blogger James Lileks will share his perspective on the split between the Midwest and the Coastal elites.