Evidence & Bombshells | The Coming Leftist Meltdown Will Be Entertaining

Published November 20, 2020 47 Views

Rumble The evidence of election fraud continues to pile up and the legacy media attempts to ignore all that's happening they are missing out on some bombshells that are being revealed. Most of what is being disclosed to the public is from independent journalists and up and coming networks like NewsMaxtV and One American News Network. These networks are filled with hungry journalists looking to break the next Watergate and not content with years of dominance or multimillion-dollar salaries.

Because of this, we are getting some of the best reporting from smaller networks and websites that we did not know about just a few weeks ago. Some of the bombshells that we are learning are the Trump's legal team may have witnesses that were involved in the planning of this election fraud, admission from Dominion executives that their systems can change ballot images (but don't worry, all these George Soros operatives gave us their word they wouldn't, just trust them), and that it was us that raided the election servers in Germany and have already started reviewing the data (and it's damming). The meltdown soon to come from the left will be more entertaining than anything we have seen before.