Kolosourtis Highway: A legendary road full of U-turns

Published November 20, 2020 317 Views

Rumble The old national road Argos-Tripolis, which was marked with consecutive thirty or more turns on the barren masses of Ktenias to its col, Palialona, ​​is one of the most famous roads in Greece, the only communication formerly with the central Peloponnese, known as Kolosourtis, passing through Ahladokambos to end up in Tripoli.
The terrible "Kolosourtis" gives us its ascent of one of the most enchanting views of Argolida as we see from above to the Argolic Gulf and Nafplio. In the middle of the ascent in the wilderness of the landscape high in the saddle a deserted picturesque country center and a demolished fortress of the German occupation.
Kolosourtis was once the largest road carmaniola in Greece. In its original design it included all the goodies: it was very narrow, it had 180 degree turns glued to the cliff with a sloping slope and slippery road, it had no signage, it had no bars, and from here all the traffic to Tripoli and southern Peloponnese passed, since it was the only road. When it rained or snowed, only the lucky ones managed to pass him without an accident. The dozens of iconostasis set up at the scene of the accidents had formed a sad ensemble resembling a cemetery.
Today, however, this is not the case. After the delivery of the new national road Corinth-Tripoli to traffic, all trucks and most cars go from there and the road of Ahladokambos has little traffic. In addition, it was redesigned from the beginning, widened, acquired bars, markings, correct cornering inclinations, and most importantly, an incredible non-slip road. Now Kolosourtis can now be renamed "Pear Speed ​​Track"! Wear your good tires, adjust your suspensions and come to scratch your cheeks on the most enjoyable road for sporty driving in Greece! The same wonderful situation continues after the col of Agia Paraskevi to Tripoli, except that the road has much less and not so closed turns. Total kilometers of the "track", about 40.
At eleven kilometers of turns, an opening to the plain of Ahladokambos, between Ktenia and Partheni, is deleted to the south. On the right, a 4 km road between barren mountainous areas leads to Nera, where the village of Palioskafidaki was located. There are springs and plane trees and an old Byzantine church rebuilt by expatriates. A small cool oasis, where the big festival of Ahladokambos, Agia Paraskevi took place, with a lot of food, feasting, song and dancing.
In this area are placed the ancient "Keghreai", to the right of "Trochos", the road that led from Argos to Tegea on the heights of the plateau of Isia. A path above Daoulis the inn, a few meters south of the fork to the Waters, leads to some traces of the ancient Kechrei, polygonal walls and various ruins.