Was Wisconsin Stolen? Whistle Blower Speaks Up On 100,000 Backdated Ballots

Published November 20, 2020 140 Views

Rumble Was Wisconsin stollen? We have uncovered compelling evidence that 100,000 ballots were falsely and illegally back-dated in Madison Wisconsin.

Ethan Pease has bravely come forward to share his personal testimony, giving witness to 100,000 mail-in ballots coming in on the 4th and 5th of November but being postmarked for the 3rd. The law in Wisconsin states that ballots have to be postmarked no later than 8 pm in November. This potential national conspiracy could be one of many cases to turn the US Presidential election.

To put things in perspective the election in Wisconsin is currently being decided by around 20,000 votes.

In this video, Ethan has stated that he nothing to gain by coming forward other than, he believes it is "the right thing to do".

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