Candace Owens ~ The Liberty Forum ~ 10-15-2019

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Candace Owens


The Black Exodus from the Party of Dependency

Superstar Candace Owens is leading the way in showing black Americans that liberty and economic opportunity is a better path forward than dependency on a government handout - and showing them which political party leads the way in the right direction. Candace Owens left the Democrat party in 2016 and launched the BLEXIT movement, showing black Americans that the Democrat Party does NOT have their best interest at heart. Watch her powerful testimony to Congress (along with an absolutely EPIC exchange here) explaining that the real problem facing Black America is not white supremacy (which is a tiny, fringe occurence), but rather the absence of fathers. She is single-handedly leading thousands off the Democrat plantation.

Her Twitter exchanges with the likes of Kanye West and Donald Trump have become the stuff of legend. See Candace explain why the Left wants to keep racism alive!

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