Kay Coles James ~ The Liberty Forum ~ 9-10-2019

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Rumble Kay Coles James

President of The Heritage Foundation

"The Future of the Conservative Movement"

Tuesday, September 10

Kay Coles James scared Google so badly, they disbanded an advisory board they created before it could even meet.

As President of the Heritage Foundation, America's premiere conservative think tank, Ms. James is an articulate defender of the values of America's founding. Leftists threw a fit when Google put her on an advisory panel earlier this year.

Rather than defend the decision to include someone who might not agree with the liberal party line, Google scrapped the panel altogether. (Nothing says "tolerance" like refusing to tolerate a black woman who thinks for herself.)

She is no stranger to public policy and leadership. She has been making conservative solutions a reality in all levels of government and academia for over 30 years. She is a thought leader whose position at the helm of the Heritage Foundation cements her legacy as a leading light of the conservative movement.