2021 New World Order

3 years ago

My life has been like I am trapped in a horrible movie! 2020 is one year I would absolutely love to forget about even happened. I have lost loved ones, watched individuals mutate literally before my eyes into mental zombies, resort to drugs, become homeless, loose their jobs, businesses that have been open since my child hood years. It sickens me be approaching 2 of my favorite holidays and know that I cannot even attend, due to me being a essential worker ( Cashier) and placing my family at risk of contracting this silent monster. When this is all said and done I am scared that we may possibly struggle to find our way back to the norm. We have not hugged, embraced, kissed, touched or nothing for months now. Wondering if 2021 will be that year that we can start to heal, but until then let's all sit tight break out the popcorn and hope this movie ends well and 2021 is not an epic fail.😭😷😤

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