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Ted Cruz Goes NUCLEAR on Rod Ronstein Over Russia Probe:
Martin Gugino Attempting A Drive-By-NFC Hack To Obtain Personal Information From The Buffalo Police:
New York Police Officers Suspended After Vidal Video Shows Them Shoving 75-Year Old Man To The Ground:
Project Veritas Infiltrates ANTIFA:
George Soros Paid Protester Opens Up to TYT:
Hand-Cutting + Bleeding Special Effect @Special Effect Stage / Universal Studio Hollywood:
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GOP Votes To Subpoena Obama Officials:
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Professional Agitator, PART OF ANTIFA:
Buffalo Officials Duped By Professional Antifa Provocateur – Arrest and Charge Two Police Officers – Righteous Police Team Stand Together and Walk Out:
Buffalo mayor says elderly protester pushed to ground by police was an 'agitator':