Groovefunnels!!! - Better Than Clickfunnels?

Published November 19, 2020 7 Views

Rumble Groovefunnels online sales funnel builder, what to expect and is it better than Clickfunnels?
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The Co-Founder Mike Filsaime has been around the Internet Marketing Space for a long time. This time he brings us Groovefunnels!
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Groovefunnels grew from less than 10k members in their community group to over 110k users in less than 1 year!!! And they have wayyyy more users than that! So crazy for their first year basically.

So let's take a peek under the hood so you can see how to software works and if its for you.

Groovefunnels has come a long way even in less than 12 months.
It technically was in beta for that time. So in the beginning there was bugs and there still is bugs but the super fast improvement in such a short amount of time is incredible! The features and improvements will truly make in rival and even become better than Clickfunnels!

I hope you enjoy this video! Let me know what your thoughts are down below!

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