Andrew C. McCarthy ~ The Liberty Forum ~ 8-13-2019

Published November 19, 2020 67 Views

Rumble Andrew C. McCarthy
Senior Fellow, National Review

"The Real Collusion: The Plot to Destroy the Trump Presidency"

The hysteria brought on by the radical left in opposition to President Trump has done incalculable damage to the country. Credulous journalists were convinced that Robert Mueller’s investigation of the Trump administration would reveal collusion with a foreign government that would end his presidency – or at least cripple it, to prevent his policies from being enacted. Instead the Mueller probe ended with a whimper – no collusion. And yet the left persists in repeating its discredited accusations of scandal.

Was Mueller's probe legitimate? Or was it, as some believe, a soft coup - an attempt to reverse the 2016 election and take down President Trump. Andrew McCarthy, the prosecutor who gained fame putting the blind sheik Omar Abdel Rahman and his cohorts in prison, has spent countless hours investigating the investigators. Mr. McCarthy is a senior fellow and columnist at National Review. Join us as Mr. McCarthy reveals what he has learned.