Father & Son Build Incredible Honda Civic Lowrider | RIDICULOUS RIDES

Published November 19, 2020 180 Views

Rumble AN incredible lowrider, owned by 11-year-old car enthusiast Sol Archer, grabs everyone’s attention for its unique colour patterns. The car was a father and son build – Sol Archer, from Ipswich, UK, inherited a Honda Civic EF from his dad Pete Blackhurst. Pete told Ridiculous Rides: “Sol’s role in the design was to build something that he could potentially drive - small, inexpensive. Sol’s colour-blind, so it was never about picking a colour switch, it was about making it pop, making it stand out - loads of different colours, loads of patterns, loads of lines." He added: “You could be driving it to the shops, into town, or you could be at a show like this. It always turns heads because of what it looks like. But then as soon as you start playing with the switches, I think it baffles people more than anything else.” Sol, while showcasing the car at the Ipswich Festival of Wheels, admitted that he feels special being the only kid at the show with his own vehicle: “I don’t know many other children with real cars, and I think I am lucky”.

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