Start Homeschooling in 5 EASY Steps - with Stephanie Lambert

Published November 18, 2020 37 Views

Rumble Have you thought about homeschooling? Stephanie Lambert, of the Texas Home School Coalition (THSC), discusses the five steps to start homeschooling.

Stephanie Lambert was homeschooled before home schooling was officially legal in Texas. Her parents had a vision for instilling strong values and providing a quality education to their four children. This included joining in the fight to make families free to home educate. Stephanie’s childhood is filled with memories as a THSC volunteer in her family’s home. Her time on staff with THSC then began with event planning, touching thousands of lives each year. She went on to serve as THSC’s Director of Events and Director of Development and is now the Executive Director of the organization. Stephanie has a passion for empowering and encouraging parents to raise their children to know Christ and to be the next generation of leaders our country needs. She lives in Lubbock and serves in her church, reads, decorates, snowboards and travels in her free time.

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