Wisconsin Quadruples Recount Price for Trump, While Strippers Celebrate Free Speech Ruling

3 years ago

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In this installment of Right Angle Lightning Round, Stephen Green ambushes Scott Ott and Bill Whittle with the following top and bottom stories of the week...

00:29 Ezekiel Emmanuel, a member of Joe Biden's coronavirus task force, questions the benefit of the COVID-19 vaccine for people over 75. After all, how much longer does a septuagenarian need to need to live anyway?

02:22 Sam Stein, of The Daily Beast and MSNBC, says online chatter in October about Hunter Biden's laptop scandal was greater than that about Hillary Clinton's emails in the run-up to the 2016 election, but the Biden story "never spilled over" into the mainstream media. Wonder why?

06:25 California prepares to throw open the doors of strip clubs before its churches may resume in-person gatherings, as a judge blocks the state from preventing "live adult entertainment". Turns out a stripper routine is Constitutionally-protected speech. Religion...not so much.

08:35 Antifa vandalized Rapid Response Bio-Clean in Portland, Oregon, a city contractor that cleans up homeless encampments, because they want the cleaning to stop.

10:38 The Daily Wire reports that Wisconsin will charge President Trump $8 million for a recount of the 2020 election, but the state charged Green Party candidate Jill Stein a mere $2 million for the same service in 2016. Inflation?

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