Should You Wear Headphones While Doing Voice Over Work?

Published November 18, 2020 283 Views

Rumble Should a Voice Over Artist Wear Headphones while Recording Voice Overs?

My Thoughts:

For those that have a less than perfect setups I would say headphones are a must. But if your setup and voice over habits are on point then I would say headphones are optional. If you have reliable consistency that you can trust, the variables that will affect your voice over will decrease dramatically.

I have stopped using headphones for the most part.
I may do an initial check when I get in the booth but I don't wear them consistently when recording anymore.
If you're doing a live session, I can see the logic behind wearing them.

However, I found that for me, I can "Act" more without hearing myself, it may be a psychological thing, not sure but it works for me.

Additionally, I was getting ear aches as a result of wearing them for an extended period of time – Something to also think about if you plan to wear headphone consistently

I look at headphones as prison shackles - keeping your creativity locked down.

Hope this information helps . . .