Baby Deer Falls in Pool ~ Saved!

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Baby Deer Trapped in Yard | Walks on Pool | Gets Saved

You spot a tiny, days-old fawn lying in the grass, seemingly helpless and unable to stand.
Her mother is nowhere in sight, so you want to take in the youngster for a few days to nurse her back to health. You buy formula, bottles and bring out old towels. You become invested, passionate about saving her life. Not to mention, she’s adorable.
But you just might have blindly kidnapped the fawn from her mother — almost completely crushing her chances of survival.
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This is a predicament that professional wildlife rehabilitaters are constantly facing each spring, as mother deer usually leave their fawns for up to 12 hours per day to forage for food. Since newborn fawns are typically too weak to keep up with their moms for the first few weeks of life, they rest in vegetation while she’s gone.
Unfortunately, this can give people the impression that the fawn has been abandoned, and many will jump in to “help” with good intentions. In many cases, those intentions can be deadly.
rescuers with For Heaven’s Sake Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation shared a heartbreaking, but far from uncommon, story about the dangers of “fawn-napping.”
A family had taken in an “abandoned” fawn and fed him goat milk from a bottle for three days before contacting the rescue in urgency.
By then, the fawn was weak, dehydrated and had been twitching. He died within 15 minutes of the family bringing him into the rescue.