Pete Peterson ~ The Liberty Forum ~ 1-8-2019

Published November 17, 2020 42 Views

Rumble Pete Peterson

"US Colleges: Irredeemably Leftist...Or Is There Hope?"

It's no secret that the Left dominates college campuses in the United States. And this is at all levels - administration, faculty, and students.

Administrators routinely help unhinged Leftists exercise a heckler's veto over conservative speakers - shouting them down, threatening violence, and rioting. (Nothing says "I'm fighting fascism" like punching people for disagreeing with you...)

Colleges worship diversity, but only certain types: skin color, national origin, sexual preferences. Diversity of opinion? Perish the thought.

But - there may be hope. Pete Peterson, Dean of Pepperdine University's School of Public Policy, is a leader of a growing "Viewpoint Diversity" movement that seeks to restore balance to college campuses.

Hear his ideas on how "sanity" may soon be back on the syllabus.

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