Minecraft: Maximum Yield Automated XP / Blaze farm TUTORIAL!

Published November 17, 2020 25 Views

Rumble In response to the demand I made my first tutorial, completely legit while on HARD difficulty. Yes, I died a few times...

This design is based around a Blaze spawner as they give the highest XP per kill bar ender dragons. Water was never an option in the Nether for me as I was convinced it would be a short lived unintentional side effect to Silk Touch.


Sticky Piston x 28
Redstone x 61
Redstone torch x 5
Redstone repeater x 51
Stone pressure plate x 20

Texture Pack is Misa's Realistic: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/69354-64x18119pre5-misas-realistic-texture-pack-updated-17oct/