Reihan Salam ~ The Liberty Forum ~ 10-9-2018

Published November 16, 2020 43 Views

Rumble Reihan Salam

The Impact of Immigration - Melting Pot - or Civil War?

Reihan Salam, the son of immigrants, asks the explosive question: will the America of the future be peaceful and united, or will it be wracked by the intense ethnic and class conflicts that have undermined once-prosperous countries in Europe?

The answer, says Mr. Salam, hinges on how we as a society choose to manage immigration.

If we continue on our current course in which immigration policy is dominated by wealthy insiders who profit from the status quo, argues Mr. Salam, the rise of a new ethnic underclass is assured. But if we have the courage to break with the past and to craft an immigration policy that serves our long-term national interests, the future will be brighter for America and the wider world.

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