CREATE Your Life!

Published November 16, 2020 47 Views

Rumble CREATE in self-defense is always actively happening. In the first place, we create our environment by the choices we make. If one chooses to go into a risky environment, staying out late at night, attending parties where people are possibly under the influence, venturing there alone, without telling anyone where they’ve gone and when to expect to return, that person has literally CREATED an environment that includes the possibility of danger, injury and even death.

Aside from the environment we are CREATING at any given moment we also CREATE what an attack means. Meaning a defender doesn’t choose to be attacked most of the time. However, the defender does get to choose what it means to them. Do they CREATE fault or blame and do they CREATE themselves as a victim, or powerful survivor? What we CREATE is always 100% our own choice and that is the most powerful choice of all.

In Life Defense we CREATE also. What environment do we choose to enter? Do we CREATE a team huddle, or zoom as we are now accustomed, into a complaint gauntlet, or a Monday morning drudgery even before it starts? For that matter do we CREATE the people with which we interact as competent team members with super powers, or slackers and gossips?

In the realms of self-defense, and Life Defense, it is pristinely obvious that we not only CREATE outcomes through choices and set up survival possibilities through those choices, we also CREATE the ultimate outcomes by CREATING meaning after an event has occurred. Always!

This realm of CREATION is powerfully, misunderstood and seldom implemented. Consider this, if we took on the CREATION of every environment we entered, CREATED the meaning actively, and CREATED the people we interact with in every situation, what would our life look like? Perhaps our life would look more intentional, more productive, and possibly occurring with more ease.

It’s time to view our lives as a CREATION we decide on, and CREATE our lives each day. CREATE.

Allen Hughes Life Defense Coach