Oven Blows UP!!! BOOM!!!

Published November 16, 2020 282 Views

Dutch Oven Blows and scares me bad!
Prevents rust and corrosion
Creates a non-stick cooking surface for easier clean up
Seasoning Cast Iron is not without a good seasoning coat, your food won't taste as good as it could, your dutch oven will rust, and cleaning up after cooking will be more difficult.

how to season a dutch oven
Seasoning is a pretty simple process, but does take an hour or more. It is very important that you season your brand new dutch oven or one you have just acquired.
The initial seasoning will remove any undesirable contaminants and get your oven ready for that first meal. After the initial seasoning, every time you use the dutch oven you will be strengthening the coating and improving the look of your cookware.

By the way, aluminum dutch ovens benefit from seasoning even though they don't rust like iron. Aluminum does oxidize and the seasoning layer will prevent that. Seasoning also makes it easier to clean up due to the non-stick surface.

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