Brad Dacus ~ The Liberty Forum ~ 8-14-2018

Published November 16, 2020 287 Views

Rumble Brad Dacus

Founder / President, Pacific Justice Institute

Would You Want the DMV Raising YOUR Child???

Parental Rights and Other Civil Liberties

The idea of the DMV raising your child sounds ridiculous. Who could possibly want that? But it may not be as far-fetched as it seems. The national lurch to the left under Barack Obama put the government in charge of your health care, your bank, your car - even your toilet.

And even as President Trump begins to roll back the regulatory Leviathan, California's radical leftists continue to run (you might say "ruin") the state and push government into more areas it has no business in. So why not take over your role as a parent?

Brad Dacus founded the Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) to defend parental rights and prevent exactly the sort of nightmare scenario the Left desires. Under Mr. Dacus' brilliant and determined leadership, PJI has developed a stellar reputation as a staunch defender of civil liberties.

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