Engaged American Episode 2: Defeat or Due Process

Published November 15, 2020 3 Views

Rumble In Episode 2 of Engaged American I continue the discussion related to the 2020 presidential election process and pose the question, should the president accept the defeat told by the media or continue with the processes set forth in law? We also discuss the relevance of the Senate run-offs in Georgia and what Engaged Americans should consider moving forward in the process of self-governance.

Engaged American is about stimulating critical and independent thought in U.S. citizens in the topics of civics, self-government, and liberty. Your host, Dr. Michael Dreikorn, is a military veteran, industry leader, small business owner, and elected official – a man who gets things done! Like it or not, Michael brings his no nonsense perspective to what it means to be an American.

Link to American Spirit Movement: https://americanspiritmovement.com/

Link to the campaign site of David Perdue: https://perduesenate.com/

Link to campaign website of Kelly Loeffler: https://kellyforsenate.com/

Go forth and be an Engaged American!