Rogue Strongman Sandbag Review, How to Fill Up, & Workout

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Rumble Rogue Strongman Sandbag Review, How to Fill Up, & Workout

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Rogue strongman sandbag review for the 100 lbs bag but I’ll also show you a variety of sandbags available.

Rogue also sells strongman sandbags that are 150, 200, 250, 300, and 400 lbs.

I’ve gotta say the Strongman sandbag is a lot of fun and definitely adds a new dimension to my workouts because there’s nothing like it.

It doesn’t have any handles which adds to the difficulty of the workout.

You really have to use your legs to get low and drive the weight off the floor.

And it’s not a solid piece of metal so the weight shifts when you move it around, making your whole body work to create stability.

How To Fill Up Your Strongman Sandbag

The instructions on how to fill up the strongman sandbag are pretty straight forward.

After lifting the protection flap you’ll see a heavy duty zipper that will lead you to the built-in filler bag.

Reach inside and pull out the built-in filler bag, which is held together at the top by heavy duty velcro.

Pull the top of the filler bag apart and it turns into a funnel and you’re ready to fill it up.

Sandbag Filler

There are many options for what you can use as a sandbag filler and they’re all inexpensive.

The best sandbag filler I found is pea pebbles or pea gravel.

I picked up two bags which weigh around 50 lbs for $3.98 each at Home Depot.

I suggest you air them out for at least a day before inserting them inside your sandbag.

They keep these pebbles in the gardening section and the bags usually have moisture inside them from being exposed to the rain.

Rogue Strongman 100 Lbs Sandbag

The diameter of the 100 lbs strongman sandbag is about the same as the diameter of a 45 lbs weight plate.

Once it’s filled with the pea pebbles, the height of the 100 lbs sandbag is about 8 1/2 inches.

Over time the bags may stretch a little bit from the beating and pounding they take.

Sandbag Exercises and Workouts

Sandbag workouts can be very challenging and there are so many different exercises you can do.

Some sandbag exercises include loaded carries, squats, over the shoulder tosses, and lunges.

The different shapes of sandbags and the amount of filler you put in them will also make workouts different.

A sandbag that’s not filled all the way will shift more during lifts, making the workout more challenging.

Color Rogue Strongman Sandbags

If you’re into colors, Rogue has several colored strongman sandbags.

But these are only available in 100 lbs and 150 lbs.

The colors are red, yellow, blue, camo, and electric green.

Husafell Strongman Bag

The Husafell strongman bag is inspired by and named after the famous Icelandic lifting stone.

The Husafell Strongman Bag is available in 3 different sizes, with approximate maximum load capacities of 100, 150 and 200 LBS.

Cyclone Strongman Sandbag

The cyclone sandbag gets its name from its cone shape.

The top of the bag is broad and it tapers down as you get to the bottom.

This bag comes in 4 sizes: 100, 150, 200, and 250 lbs.

Rogue Feed Sack

The Rogue Feed Sack has long handles that allow you to quickly pick the weight up and swing it over your head or around the neck into carry position.

This sandbag is easy to manage and comfortable to run with.

Block Strongman Sandbag

The rectangular Block Strongman sandbag is available in 2 different sizes, with maximum load capacities of 150 and 200 LBS

Cube Strongman Sandbag

The Cube Strongman sandbag comes in 3 different sizes with maximal load capacities of 100, 150, and 200 lbs.

Tombstone Strongman Sandbag

The extra long Tombstone strongman sandbag measure just 5″ in depth but around 3 feet in length.



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Rogue Strongman Sandbag Review, How to Fill Up, & Workout