Service Dog: Public Access Shopping During Covid Stuffs

Published November 14, 2020 500 Views $0.18 earned

Rumble Hiya y'all, Gemini here. This is a combo of some video my girl took while we shopped yesterday. For anybody grumping about me not reacting right away in the first section, us working dogs aren't perfect, so please keep responses positive. No matter what is going on, I have never missed an alert, and I have been tested through a ton of crazy distractions. So not looking once versus doing my job, ya know. ☺️ Also, not sure we are going to post the video with the other "service" dog or not. The glance at that dog was extremely brief in the video anyway, and my girl finally stopped ranting over that dog being on a Flexi-lead lol. As a Service Dog trainer of many years, she would never even CONSIDER putting one on a Flexi-lead. She says she'd work them off-leash instead (like I do most of the time). So we'll see on that one. Whether we post it or not, do NOT portray a dog as a Service Dog when it's not! Not only is it illegal, it puts people in public and real Service Animals in danger, which is NOT ok! Alright, soapbox done for now, enjoy! ☺️🐾