Episode 10 Getting healthier in tough times.

Published November 14, 2020 36 Views

Rumble In this episode, we will cover Getting Healthier in tough times, and believe me, tough times are coming.

What is the purpose of this video you might ask, it is to make you consider your most valuable and important point in preparedness, your health, and your family's health.

What is the point of having water, food, protection, and energy generation preps, if you are morbidly obese, have type II diabetes, and you can’t walk around the block without sitting down on the curb and clutching your chest? Many people always consider what material things they need to survive, but do not take into consideration, the cornerstone of being healthy, in order to be able to be around to use and or protect your preparations and loved ones. Everyone remembers the first rule of Zombieland….