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Rumble Paul Nauta is a blatantly proud second generation Italian-American who still speaks “la lingua” and has wonderful Italian family history stories for an amateur. His paternal grandfather immigrated to Ellis Island just before WWI and maternal grandparents in the 1890s. His Italian roots originate in Cagnano Varano (Foggia), Sassano (Salerno), and Alia (Palermo). He is the Senior Marketing Communications and PR Manager for FamilySearch International where he manages the FamilySearch Blog and Newsroom. He loves family, the great outdoors, everything Italian, and a good story. He’s a pretty good Italian cook too. His claim to Italian genealogical infamy was being able to personally reconnect with his living family in Italy and introduce the next generation of his family. He is married, has 4 children, and 3 grandchildren. Direct surnames in his Italian family tree are DiNauta, Benvenga, DiCataldo, Pelusi, Volpe, Garone, Bessolano, Polito, Miceli (Michelli), Pizzillo, D’Ippolito, Todaro, Taravella, Sedita, Lotuso, Chimento.

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