Saucers Save Our World

Published November 13, 2020 786 Views $0.43 earned

Rumble The Pentagon has admitted that Flying Saucers exist! This is a tribute to those extraterrestrials that appear now to be the only hope for our world that is controlled by a few evil people who use their money to achieve their sadistic aims. They have the technology to destroy us and yet they have just stayed back and watched. Does this mean that they are peaceful, loving creatures or are they just like our rulers? This is a tribute to them. I (we) call out to them our 'SOW' to begin the circle again from our seed.
Interlude: officially released UFO from Pentagon, Zecharia Sitchin's spaceship imagined, images from "The Astronaut" and hummingbird from Nazca Lines south of Lima, Peru.
Section of the Sumerian cylinder seal, VA-243 in the Berlin Near Eastern Museum, which I have placed over the sun in the center, surrounded by eleven orbiting bodies that include the Moon, Pluto, and the yet to be recognized Planet X -- Nibiru. Seal below is Ninhursag handing the genetically created human, Adama, for Enki to see. The St. Michael Ley Line runs from split stone St. Leven ( the line split it!) through Glastonbury Tor.