Stock Trading Diary Day 5 - How Much Money I Made!

Published November 13, 2020 78 Views

Rumble VideosByVicky: Stock Trading Diary - Day 5.

My top 3 picks today, how much I made this week in trading and RUMBLES!!!

Trick is to buy low and sell high...over and over again. You need to research to make sure that the company you're investing in is solid and there's no scandal or bankruptcy going on (believe me, I've traded on those only to find out later. Huge money loses....ugh). Follow my trading shenanigans 😃 and click the links below if you want to give trading a try. These trading platforms do not take commissions and it's free to use. We both get free stocks when you use these links 🥳 Woohoo!


Happy Trading. Make money people! 💖