Fighting For Their Day(We Acknowledge & Remember)Michael Ricks

Published November 13, 2020 15 Views

Rumble Fighting For Their Day-Michael Ricks

In honor of Veterans Day we present this song called "Fighting For Their Day" (We Acknowledge and Remember)
Music Video by Chris Vale.

Words and music by Michael Ricks BMI Break the Barrier Music & Jason Collins BMI
All Rights Reserved copyright © 2020

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Did you know that when Franklin was occupied by the Federal troops during the civil war that when former African American male slaves received their Emancipation Proclamation documents they enlisted in the Northern Union Army in the court house right across from Mellow Mushroom in downtown Franklin!

Up to this point there has been little said about these men and their service to our country.

Special thank you to everyone in the Franklin Community who spearheaded the Fuller Story Project and worked together to put the 5 plaques on what was once only a Confederate location.


We are working on a project for continued efforts of healing, forgiveness, redemption and communication to keep the restoration ongoing.

The confederate statue in the center of the square was once the location of where slaves were bought and sold in Franklin.

The courthouse across from Mellow Mushroom was once the place where slaves who were criminals were hung.

That same courthouse was also the location where freedom papers were issued to former male slaves who during the time Franklin was occupied by the northern army were given their papers and also enlisted into the Federal Troops.

REDEMPTION in process!

Now the 5 plaques that tell the FULLER STORY have been placed on what was Confederate ground. Franklin being the place where the Civil War was won by the north it’s is such a monumental blessing to see these historical markers places on this site together!

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