Tyrants want to Take Control of America

Published November 13, 2020 67 Views

Rumble Tyrants want to Take Control of America

We All know the Vote Count is Wrong, the Election is ALMOST Stolen. We have to fight for our REPUBLIC, America is the World, and if it falls so does the world.


Pure and simple we have to understand that our Government system consists of Representatives that WE THE PEOPLE elect and that these people decide for us what we need.

The original Consitution also said they decided who our President would be, but things are changed and the inmates are deciding who the warden is going to be and this is sad.

We have to fight for justice, fight our Republic, and fight for an open and honest voting system if we are going to continue this great nation.

For if we don't it all goes to the Tyrants... and then all is lost

#Qiew #GoRight