MADEYES Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses Review

Published November 13, 2020 65 Views $0.01 earned

Rumble MADEYES Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses

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There are two way to judge these glasses, firstly as conventional reading glasses and secondly as a way of reducing the effect of the Blue Light given off from the computer monitors and smartphones that we stare at all day. We will consider them both in turn.

In the attractive and cleverly designed box are two pairs of spectacles, one black framed, the other brown, two soft carry bags that double as cleaning cloths, a short data sheet and a testing kit consisting of a tiny blue light emitting torch and a Blue Light sensitive card.

The glasses themselves are lightweight, moderately flexible with decent quality 40 x 51 mm lenses free from obvious imperfections or aberrations. The TR90 frames (whatever that is) are sized 135mm x 40mm with 145mm arms and seem well made and robust.

Artificial lighting, televisions, computers, tablets and smartphones all emit this 400–420 nm blue light which can lead to headaches, eye fatigue and can interfere with natural sleep patterns. These glasses block blue light centred at the 410UV point and have the secondary effect of making other colours appear more natural and vibrant. The effect of this is not immediately apparent when first wearing them but the reduced eye strain should be noticed over time.

Cynics out there may wonder if these glasses really do work and so for doubters out there, a blue light testing kit is included. The kit takes the form of a small blue light emitting torch and a blue light sensitive card. Shine the torch directly onto the card and it at once darkens, when the card clears shine the torch this time through the glasses lens and the card does not darken, or at least to nowhere near the same degree. Of course, how much this helps may vary from person to person but it can only be a good thing to have.

Priced at £17.79 (currently with a further £5 Amazon discount) these are a good buy even if you disregard the blue light blocking feature.

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