2 years ago

The "Great Reset" Explained!

Dr. Buttar explains what is planned beginning November 2020 and into 2021 by the global elite called the Great Reset. Here is a summary of the sinister agenda: There will be massive CoVID-19 lockdowns, a secondary CoVID-21 virus with higher mortality rate, 3rd lockdown w/restricted travel, introduction of universal income programs, supply breakdowns, total debt relief by the IMF, surrender of all assets, mandatory vaccines for CoVID-19/21. Anyone resisting this program will be taken against their will to re-education camps.

This sounds like some story out of the Bible where there is a one world government and everyone must pledge allegiance to the leader. Watch and share because this program explains why Biden has to become the President of the United States. It is so he can help usher in this program by his handlers the satanic global elite. The only thing standing in their way is President Trump!

We have already seen how Biden's plans are very similar to what is described in this video. Watch and share, and become familiar with the World Economic Forum. They tell you exactly what they are planned right under our noses and is being carried out while we work out our attempted stolen election by the global elite.


Here is the original full length Dr. Buttar video:

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