"The Seal of the Satyr" (Narrated By Jeffrey LeBlanc)

3 years ago

"He did not look long. A single moment of numbing realization, and then he leaped into the pool–leaped straight into the deepest water, breaking with his body the mad reflection he had seen on the mirrored surface."

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An aged cloak turns a man into a vampire. A hotel clerk has trouble controlling his murderous “Mother”. And a lunar flower causes people to howl at the moon…as werewolves, as we stalk around the Bloch—Robert Bloch that is. His latest tale is sure to offend the gods…of darkness.

Our “From-the-Grave Mentor, Robert Bloch, was a fiction writer with a diverse array of stories in crime, horror, fantasy and science fiction. He is best known as the writer of “Psycho” that led to Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece, many great tales on Rod Serling’s “Night Gallery”, Weird Tales, Strange Stories, and others. Our personal favorite is Bloch’s script for the Hammer horror film classic, “The House That Dripped Blood”.

Horror and comedy were his trademark. Robert Bloch’s fondness for humor in horror was evident in puns. It could be seen in the titles of his story collections such as “Tales in a Jugular Vein”, “Such Stuff as Screams Are Made Of” and “Out of the Mouths of Graves”.

And of course, there’s the classic Bloch favorite line that tickles our funny bone, “I have the heart of a child. I keep it in a jar on my shelf.”

A protégé’ to H.P. Lovecraft, Robert Bloch was in a select group known as the Lovecraft Circle with such greats as Frank Belknap Long, Robert E. Howard, Clark Ashton Smith and many more. Learning with these masters, Bloch created hundreds of short stories and over 30 novels.

Robert Bloch won numerous awards in writing. He won The Hugo Award (“That Hell-Bound Train”), The Bram Stoker Award, and The World Fantasy Award. Bloch served a term as president of The Mystery Writers of America (1970). He was a member of The Mystery Writers of America, Science Fiction Writers of America, The Writers Guild of America, and The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Most notably, there is one society he probably still is an undead member of –The Count Dracula Society.

“The Seal of the Satyr” is a short story written by Robert Bloch and published for Strange Stories in 1939. The horrific, sacrificial tale certainly has led many horror writers to borrow heavily from this incantation. However, Bloch’s version is on a whole more psychotic, and far more terrifying level.

This lurid tale centers on Roger Talquist and his journey with Papa Lepolis to an ancient Greek altar that had once served to worship the gods of the forest.

Will Roger find the altar with Papa Lepolis? How will such a discovery change him and seal his fate?–JL

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