Tony Katz Today: Declaring A Mandate Does Not A Mandate Make

Published November 12, 2020 1,057 Views

Rumble On This Episode:

- Election 2020 update of each undeclared state, status of recounts, details of lawsuits and arguments being presented to the courts.

- We may see a recount in New Jersey. The 7th district race is getting closer and may trigger a recount.

- Black Friday sales have begun and we suggest that you please do not buy China-made televisions.

- A helicopter belonging to a peace-keeping force has fatally crashed in the Sinai Peninsula with 6 Americans on board.

- 50 people have been beheaded in Mozambique by attackers linked to ISIS. Nations of Africa are pushing back against Radical Islam.

- Fox News has not handled the reporting on this Election well. Their audience has taken notice. They called states before they were declared, they pushed the Blue Wave narrative, they are calling Joe Biden President-Elect. Will acknowledging their mistakes save their rapidly declining viewership?

- Joe Biden said he would not claim victory until the results were certified, yet here we are.

- The Black Lives Matter organization influencing a Biden Administration with their Marxist demands will do more damage to America than anything Donald Trump has ever tweeted.

The Big Story:
Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are calling a mandate. A mandate? The data is not on their side. Pelosi says we need to grow the economy in a fair way. What does a “fair" way mean? Before we have the fair economy, can we have a fair election?

Georgia is doing a hand recount because results are too tight. Joe Biden could win Georgia, he would need to make up 14,000 votes. The recount is not so much about the Presidential ticket, it is about the Senate races. Chuck Schumer says that winning Georgia is the first step in the Democrat's mandate to change America.

This election is not over. All irregularities must be investigated in order to ensure integrity of the American election system.

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