TOP SECRET RECIPE: Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies

Published November 12, 2020 78 Views

Rumble Have you been searching for the PERFECT chocolate chip cookie recipe?

Well look NO FURTHER!!

I have been making chocolate chip cookies for years now and these are sure to be a crowd pleaser! (Even passing the judgment of the toughest cookie critics I know!) Trust me when I say that they are memorable. I still have people that tasted these cookies as a child (now adults) that tell me that these are the best homemade chocolate chip cookies they have ever had. (Seriously, thanks y'all. That's the best compliment ever!)

I have kept this recipe a closely guarded secret and said I would ONLY share with my kids when the time came, but I cannot deny this recipe, to those who live far from me, the opportunity to have some of my BEST EVER chocolate chip cookies right in their own home.

So grab you kids, your spouse, and your friends and hop on into the kitchen and whip up a batch (or two) of these babies. They won't last long!


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