"Ice in the Veins" By Jeffrey LeBlanc (Narrated By Author)

3 years ago

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Children of Horror,

An old man recalls his encounter with monsters, a dying doctor opens a portal to the beyond, and a lost soul confronts an owl as we resurrect the still breathing corpse of Jeffrey LeBlanc.

Jeffrey LeBlanc, the "Dweller of the Dark", is a horror, science fiction, and fantasy writer and poet with a diverse array of novels and short stories. He has five novels to date and a few hundred short stories. He's been an honored member and guest blogger for HWA, the winner of the HWA Halloween Haunts contest 2018 (Wings of the Seraph), and other notable honorary awards for Chris Morley's Dark Regions and others.

"Ice in the Veins" is a short story written in 2019 while we sailed the Red Sea (Yanbu, Saudia Arabia). It's the tale of Fabrice Faucheaux recalling his encounters with monsters down in Louisiana. This one really has an icy...bite.

Can Fabrice and his employer, Jacques Marceau, discover the monsters before its too late? Or will they be left out in the cold?--JL

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