The hidden truth episode 10(被掩蓋的真相10)

Published November 12, 2020 96 Views

Rumble This documentary must be watched. After watching it, you will know why Google can't find the information we have seen before.
Why did YouTubers who tell the truth and conscience media work with yellow labels and even the videos were taken off the shelves?
Why did FB and Twitter start white terror and censorship?

Why has the United States and even all mankind reached a crisis of survival? The answer is all in the film.

This is definitely not a conspiracy theory, it is something that really happened. The way people can save themselves is to spread the truth and awaken more people.

This is the first episode, ten episodes in total. I will upload them one after another.
這部紀錄片一定要看,看完就知道為什麼Google 開始查不到我們以前看過的資料?
為什麼說真話的YouTuber 、良心媒體會拿黃標白做工,甚至影片被下架。
為什麼FB、Twitter 開始白色恐佈、言論審查?