Oil Spill

Published November 11, 2020 14 Views

Rumble Oil Spill is an audiovisual piece composed using different techniques and tools. The music is composed using a rhythmic generative technique I call Nonlinear Sequencing in #maxmsp (see links below for more info about NLS). The sounds are made with modular synthesizer #vcvrack. Visuals are prototyped in #jitter #maxsp and developed in #shadertoy, via a program developed by SunnyBadgr. This program allowed me to use midi files to generate visuals offline. All animation and camera motion is coded in the shader. Water effect, tentacle objects and lighting schemes are adapted from shaders by Inigo Quilez and Fizzr.
Thanks to SunnyBadgr for his advice, help and for developing such a great tool for audiovisual composers!

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