Philadelphia Democrat Poll Watcher Whistleblows PA Election Fraud for Biden

3 years ago

The whistleblower says:
"My name is Brian McCafferty (sp?). I'm a registered Democrat in the city of Philadelphia. Today, I'm at the Philadelphia convention center, and I'm overseeing the ballot counters. I will let you know the corruption that is going on here: They will not allow us within 30 to 100 feet to supervise the ballots being counted. This is a coup against the President of the United States of America, and I want to call out the Mayor of Philadelphia, James Kenney, the Attorney General Josh Shapiro, who Tweeted that there's no way Donald Trump can win President of the United States of America, and also District Attorney of Philadelphia Larry Krasner. I can't believe what I'm seeing right before my eyes. This has nothing to do with Joe Biden or Donald Trump. This has to do with our democracy, and I will tell you, there is corruption at the highest level in the city of Philadelphia."

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