How to use a 💥THERMAL PRINTER💥 to make tattoo stencils🤘!!

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Rumble Today we go over How to use a THERMAL PRINTER to make tattoo stencils. We will go be going over this type of tattoo machine not necessarily one brand or another. With that said we will cover how to make stencil using a full sheet of thermal paper. We will also go over how to make a stencil using scraps or pieces of stencil paper left over. And lastly I will be going over the pros and cons of this "type" of stencil machine. All in all I think the tattoo stencil machine is a decent choice for those looking to not break the bank while still being able to make stencils using a thermal machine.

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I like to remind people that In no way am I a fantastic tattoo artist guys. I just love tattooing but I am still on my journey and want to show you how its done so you can do it and do it better then me!! 🤘

So don't give up if you want it bad enough its yours for the taking!

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