Owen Shroyer, #StopTheStealCaravan First Stop: Houston, TX - November 9th, 2020

Published November 11, 2020 11 Views

Rumble Owen Shroyer and the #StopTheStealCaravan arriving in Houston, speaking briefly to the crowd. This was the first stop on the caravan's route to Washington, D.C. Check out @StopTheStealCaravan on Parler for more information on their stops. Also, check out stopthesteal.us for more information regarding all the upcoming rallies. The big rally is this coming Saturday: the #MillionMAGAMarch at Freedom Plaza, Washington, D.C., 12 PM local. IMPORTANT: If you cannot make it to D.C on Saturday, there will also continue to be demonstrations at every State capitol, nationwide, every Saturday at 12 PM, local time. If you can make a day trip to your local State capitol, please consider making the effort to go. Every American has their role to play, no matter how small, in pushing back against the DNC's coup to steal the election from We The People.

Thank you Hippies4Trump for the footage! Check them out here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9-bcUgwmobWHpI8ZPJ2TJg

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