BREAKING! USPS Whistleblower Richard Hopkins Denies Recanting Testimony Regarding USPS Voter Fraud!

Published November 10, 2020 49 Views

Rumble In this uploaded Twitter Video Richard Hopkins who was the USPS whistleblower from Erie, PA that testified that his Postmaster instructed them to backdate ballots mailed after election day on Nov. 4th. The Washington Post ran an article not an hour ago as of this posting claiming that Hopkins recanted his testimony, which was used by Senator Lindsey Graham in a letter to the DOJ in support of an investigation into the voter fraud issues.

Further, The Democrat House Oversight Committee, in a staggeringly coordinated fashion, tweeted that the "whistleblower completely RECANTED".

I will be live streaming later after Hannity on more!

Washington Post Article (Through Archive Org to avoid paywall):

Original Project Veritas video where Hopkins reported the issue: