Sting Operation in the 2020 election?

Published November 10, 2020 2,846 Views

Rumble Sometimes things are hard to believe especially in a world of conspiracy theorists. I like to be aware of what's happening behind the scenes however I'm careful to share unless I can have confidence there might be a possibility that the info can be true. I started to look at this persons back ground and I started to have more confidence that perhaps what he is saying has the probability of being true. Here is his background, got this from the a zero hedge article posted below.

Steve Pieczenik
@StevePieczenik - Twitter account

He's authored ops manuals for the CIA, he ran counterintelligence psyops for the CIA, he co-authored "Net Force" and "Op Center" with Tom Clancy, he has worked for Reagan, Nixon, Bush, and other Presidents directly, he has been the point man in foreign operations (such as meeting Noriega for a 4 hour dinner days before the US invasion). This guy is a super credible witness who has basically called it decades in advance, based on his experience with the deep state and globalists.