Mass Election Fraud is Popping out of the Walls

Published November 9, 2020 3,932 Views

It has been a crazy day and I think it's clear that we are on the offense. Also, it is clear that Trump is setting the table for major actions in the coming week or 2. I am hearing that this process will take a little while so set expectations that the legal part of this could take weeks.

AG Barr Letter

Press Conference with Kaleigh McEnany and Ronna McDaniel

Rudy Giulianni Interviews

Guy destroying Trump Votes

Voting Machine Parts made in China

Nancy Pelosi Cheif of staff is CEO of Dominion Voting Machine Company

Software Glitch delays Gwinnett County counting

Data Scientist Detects anomaly dump of 373,000 votes in Virginia

John James won't concede his Senate Election citing "cheating" Running against Gary Peters (ranking HSGAC)

Dominion software glitch causes 20% of votes to flip (Georgia)

Clark County Nevada whistleblower claims workers fabricated proof of residence

Trump Campaign Files Suit in PA

Election Anomalies/Fraud in Michigan

Detroit Michigan TCF Center Massive vote spike using 130k+ fraudulent ballots

Michigan Election Fraud Training

Voting machines were illegally connected to a network

John James will not concede his race due to election Fraud allegations

POTUS Election Timeline

Republican AGs taking legal action over mail Pennsylvania Mail In Ballots

Undisputed claim that Fulton County claimed they were done counting for the night and resumed counting illegally

Four Seasons Update

Media interference in the election (statistic proof)

Big Tech election interference

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