Donald Trump is a man of God!

Published November 9, 2020 2,917 Views $0.69 earned

Rumble It's very unfortunate Most People will never see this video because MSM will never show it. Why? Because it will destroy their narrative of him being Racist.
Although he is not perfect, President Trump is a man of God. Look at his policies not his personality. Why does he attract big crowds? Why are these black American's praying for him if he was racist. We must pray for this man Daily. In my life, I have never seen a President attacked by MSM and Democrats like he has, so a little guy like me will fight this disinformation the best way I can.
Our support for him is what gives him strength to keep fighting for us. Some day the world will know the truth, until then we keep educating people one at a time so they know he is not our Enemy. Stand Strong, Have courage, Keep fighting we are on the right side! #PrayForOurPresident

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