Tunisian Crochet Purl Stitch Tutorial

Published November 9, 2020 72 Views

Rumble Link to Tunisian Crochet Purl Stitch Photo Tutorial: https://nanascraftyhome.com/tunisian-crochet-purl-stitch-tutorial/

Link to Tunisian Crochet Knit Stitch tutorial: https://nanascraftyhome.com/tunisian-crochet-knit-stitch-photo-video-tutorial/

Link for more information on Tunisian Crochet Hook set by Knitter's Pride (affiliate): https://amzn.to/35nCXXx

Link to Nana's Crafty Home where you can find more tutorials & many free patterns: https://nanascraftyhome.com

Learn the Tunisian Crochet Purl Stitch with this complete tutorial! The Tunisian Crochet Purl Stitch looks very similar to the standard Knit Purl stitch - just with a crochet hook! Beautiful texture and drape - this Tunisian stitch has it all. Pairs very well with Tunisian stitches that curl heavily as this stitch will help relax that curl.